Domino International provide a variety of specific management training programs that assist you in your effort to successfully enhance your skills required in your role as a Manager:

Management Skills 
Proactive management, communication, planning, implementation, delegation, business processes, service standards, management and allocation of resources

Leadership and strategic direction, change, change of corporate culture, relationships, collaborations, business partnerships, team spirit, effective team work

Organisational Communication
Strategies, business plans, mission, vision, priorities and values, communication processes, internal and external stakeholders

Strategic Business Planning 
Long range strategy and business plan, mission, vision, priorities and values, communication with internal and external stakeholders

Sales and Marketing 
Marketing plan, selling skills, branding, corporate identity and profile

Corporate Development
Growth and expansion, cultural diversity, Treaty of Waitangi framework and implications

Organisational Change 
Innovation, change, innovation, continuous improvement, learning organisation

Human Resources Management
Transformation, staff performance, coaching and mentoring, professional development

Quality and risk management systems, client-focused services and solutions, clients needs, expectations and perceptions, quality standards, systems and procedures

Efficiency and Effectiveness 
Performance monitoring procedures, client-focus, adaptable and measurable processes