The focus of Domino International Ltd is to:

Establish strong business partnerships and alliances with client organisations' with an emphasis on the seamless provision of the highest quality of cost effective and time efficient training and coaching, in line with clients' strategic direction.

  • Provide training and coaching that is relevant, efficient and effective, where change and enhanced business performance can be measured straight away - we call it the "Positive Domino Effect".    
  • Measure success not only by participant satisfaction at the training program but by their business improvement.



Leadership can refer to: 

  • The process of leading
  • Those entities that perform one or more acts of leading
  • The ability to affect human behavior so as to accomplish a mission designated by the leader



The key objective of this Leadership Development Program is the successful delivery of a high-level training program to organisational participants.  

The objective is to help organisations' executives and managers to involve others in translating organisational strategies into meaningful direction and change at the work-unit level and to help develop other leaders. 

The program assists executives and managers increase their understanding of the impact their leadership and managerial behaviour have on people in the organisation. Work in organisations gets done by and through people. Effectiveness in leading and managing sets apart first-class organisations from second-rate ones. 

The fundamental objective of this program is to combine organisational behaviour concepts with individual feedback for on-the-job application. The program integrates individual behaviour with organistional performance through: 

  • Increasing their knowledge and understanding of their own leadership practices.
  • Identifying leadership practices that are most important in their present organisational situation and their strength in these practices.
  • Selecting leadership areas to focus on for learning and development.

The program includes an action-learning element to insure the theories and learnings are being linked back to the participants' real work challenges and tactical requirements. Participants in the program will develop strong awareness, understanding, and application of:

  • Individual differences in a team or leadership context
  • Systems thinking theories and practice
  • Listening and communication methods
  • Using emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Collaborative leadership and team models/methods
  • Conflict management & critical feedback skills
  • Initiating actions and influencing decision-makers across boundaries

This leadership development program will meet the organisation's identified set of leadership expectations of its current and future leaders. This program develops and supports greater awareness and capacity to

  • Help leaders understand themselves and their staff so they can provide motivation to move forward in an agreed direction with competence and commitment.
  • Help leaders understand how to build organisational systems that create a workforce capable of adapting to and performing in a complex environment that changes around them.
  • Give leaders the resources to develop awareness inside of themselves and a culture of people around them that recognises and values different perspectives, works together well, and engages others to create desired outcomes and contribute to the strategic and tactical work they do.
  • Help leaders develop awareness and become more curious about their own developmental needs and the emerging potential in others to have an eye on growing the organisation's future leadership talent.
  • Involve team members in identifying critical issues, planning and implementing goals successfully.
  • Lead and facilitate new ventures by working with others to achieve common goals.
  • Develop a vision necessary to provide meaning and direction to work related activities, and manage the power of expectations to develop achievable yet challenging goals.
  • Influence people positively to gain commitment and support for workplace objectives.
  • Determine and apply the credentials of effective leadership
  • Identify and remove obstacles to people's excellent performance
  • Understand the difference between leaders and managers and the implications of empowering others
  • Apply appropriate leadership styles relevant to team tasks, aptitudes and attitudes
  • Develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness as a leader
  • Deploy total quality strategies throughout the organisation
  • Uncover and interpret issues that are barriers to achieving the organisation's strategic intent
  • Know how to lead successfully in "permanent white water"
  • Manage change successfully
  • Transform challenges into opportunities incorporating Domino International's key innovative management tools, such as "Opportunity Analysis", "START Programme" and "Positive Domino Effect"
  • Show a marked improvement in their relationships with colleagues
  • Achieve high performance standards and improve overall productivity
  • Gain an understanding of responsibilities, accountabilities and mandates
  • Obtain better results while investing less time
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Increase their client base
  • Increase revenue
  • Build stronger teams
  • Work effective and efficiently with and within teams
  • Enhance service to internal and external customers and stakeholders
  • Gain firm agreements on goals, objectives and targets from their team, and therefore a firm commitment to achieving them
  • Improve their communication skills by learning how to listen more actively and ensure their messages are correctly understood
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict with their team and between team members so they can concentrate on the task at hand
  • Lead their team to increased productivity, improved profitability and a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Be more effective at setting goals, implementing performance reviews and specifying tasks
  • Organise individuals with different ideas, skills and values to carry out work of the team
  • Understand and positively influence group dynamics in planning, problem solving and decision making situations
  • Understand and apply strategies used by top team builders to elicit optimum performance
  • Have people work together not because they have to, but because they want to
  • Align teams around a strategy and vision
  • Develop a group vision and a plan for involving their work group
  • Mobilise people in support of key organisational initiatives
  • Develop ways to ensure employees buy-in for the long term
  • Involve and empower others in responding to change
  • Determine what motivates and de-motivates individuals
  • Recognise the symptoms of de-motivation
  • Develop a greater awareness of their personal motivational needs

This Leadership Development Program focuses on increasing participants' self-awareness to enhance their ability to lead and manage people. Leadership, like all complex behaviours, requires understanding, practice and reinforcement. In this program, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their own and others' understanding of their leadership behaviours and styles.  

This Leadership Development Program provides a transformational, practice-based, integrated program of leadership development that shifts leadership awareness and effectiveness to a group of leaders and/or managers within the organisation. This means that the program produces a sustainable shift in behaviour and actions in the participants' approach to leadership and management - not only in what they know about leadership, but how the participants practice it.  

This Leadership Development Program is conducted in a relaxed learning atmosphere where ideas, theories, concepts and experiences are shared. An interactive and fun learning environment is created where participants enjoy contributing. 

The program is highly participatory with extensive use of group exercises combined with individual work to allow participants to learn from their own and each others' successes and mistakes in a safe and supportive environment.

The program is made up of a series of integrated modules. These modules include:

  • Face-to-face work
  • Whole group and smaller learning group support
  • Individual support

Program Design
This leadership development program is designed as a coherent program that addresses all of the topic areas, integrates the individual role challenges, and includes a clear strategic thread throughout the program.

Assessment Tools 
Both the facilitators and the participants will apply a measure of self-assessment throughout the program to collect data about the effectiveness and receptivity of the concepts presented and methods of delivery.  Formal and informal feedback is gathered throughout the program, evaluating results and sharing that information with the organisation's leadership.  

Leadership coaching is a critical component of this program and is integrated into the overall design.  Individual coaching will be provided by Domino International as required.

Action Learning 
This leadership development program integrates the knowledge and experience using action learning theories, methods and practices in working with clients around organisational change matters.  The action learning part of the program is a critical component to the successful growth and learning of each participant.  Action learning teams will be established to work on relevant and important initiatives that apply the information given in the modules.

Relationship with the Organisation
Establishment of a close business relationship and an excellent working relationship between the organisation and Domino International, built in an environment of trust, openness and support.