Your success is our business - welcome to Domino International Ltd's business consulting services.

  • Do you want to save time, money and resources?
  • Do you want to double your client base, revenue and profit?
  • Do you want to grow your company?

Domino International Ltd offers consulting services and training programs that kick off a "Positive Domino Effect", where results and performance improvements can be measured immediately.    

Incorporated in 1999, Domino International Ltd takes a "helicopter view" to look at all the different elements of your business - Marketing, Branding, Sales, Finance, HR, Operations - assisting you in your effort to save time, money and resources, improve efficiency and effectiveness, identify new business opportunities and increase your client base, revenue and profit. 

We specialise in 

  • Business Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Executive Development and 
  • Incentive Programmes 

and provide a range of relevant and tailor-made services to the corporate market, the individual business person, small and medium size companies as well as large organisations. 

Strong business partnerships and alliances with client organisations are most important, with an emphasis on the seamless provision of the highest quality of cost effective and time efficient consulting, training and development, in line with clients' strategic direction.

Consulting, training and coaching need to be relevant, efficient and effective, where change and enhanced business performance can be measured immediately, we call it the positive "Domino Effect". 

To provide companies with superior consulting services and innovative training programs that assist them to increase their revenue.


Domino International Ltd: Your success is our business.