Domino International provide business consulting services, incorporating relevant sectors such as sales and marketing, corporate identity and branding, human resources, finances and operations:


  • Focus on an innovative approach to corporate training, communication, change management, strategic direction and organisational development.
  • Alignment of human resource strategies with business strategies enhancing organisational performance, productivity and profitability.
  • Introduction of executive development programs to senior management, enhancing the organisation's productivity.
  • Advice to senior business executives on issues relating to organisational development and business re-alignment.
  • Development and introduction of management training and executive development programs.
  • Consulting, coaching and mentoring of companies' senior, middle and junior management.
  • Provision of specific and tailor-made training programs for individuals, teams, departments and entire organisations.
  • Design and implementation of innovative training tools such as "Opportunity Analysis", "START-Program" and "Positive Domino Effect", supporting employees professional development while incorporating change, improving communication and enhancing efficiency within the company's departments and between its business sectors.