Coaching sessions with individuals and/or small teams provide a better understanding of critical areas that need to be managed successfully in order to prosper in todays competitive business environment:

  • Stress Management - strategies to cope with stressful situations
  • Balance - career, health, private life, personal needs, life goals
  • Health - fitness, nutrition


Stress Management

Stress can be, and often is, beneficial. At appropriate levels, stress increases both efficiency and performance. For example, before an athletic event, competitors involuntarily elicit the stress response. Before an examination, students exhibit increased heart rate and blood pressure. Before important sales presentations, Sales Executives feel the pressure. Similarly, in today's high-powered competitive environment, the stimulus of the stress response - fight-or-flight response - is often essential to success. As stress and/or anxiety increase, so do performance and efficiency. 

However, this relationship does not continue indefinitely in this fashion. When situations produce excessive stress, a threshold is exceeded. This stress overload is associated with diminishing performance and efficiency. 

Domino International offer a variety of innovative training programs to "turn stress into success". 


In today's fast changing and increasingly demanding corporate environment, there seems to be a strong focus on an individual's career.  Realising that a more balanced life-style is required, business people started to look for a healthy balance.

Domino International recommend unique and effective techniques to "keep your balance".


Physical activity and nutrition are critical to our well-being. Equally important as the mind in the mind/body connection is, of course, the body. Thoughts affect our bodies and, conversely, changes in the body can shape our thoughts, feelings and even body chemistry. Furthermore, what we eat affects our energy level, our moods and our overall health. Optimising not only what we eat but how we eat can prevent chronic disease and lead to physical and emotional well-being.

Domino International Ltd emphasises that physical acivity combined with a good diet not only helps people stay healthy, but also can improve and/or prevent the progression of some chronic medical problems. The focus is on "anima sana in corpore sano = a sound mind in a sound body".